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ULTRA SELF-LEVEL is high strength cement based self-leveling under layment for internal use to produce smooth flat surface to be used on cement / sand screeds, concrete etc. ULTRA SELF-LEVEL when mixed with measured water forms free flowing fluid which can be easily troweled. This mixed fluid motor can be applied at 3-5mm thickness in one application.


ADVANTAGES Easy to mix
Can receive floor covering within 2- 3 days
Can receive tiling within 24 hours
Provides high strength flat & smooth surface
Applications Screed
Existing mosaic, tile or stone flooring
Packaging 25 kg
Colour GREY
Coverage Approx. for a 25kg bag 5.5-6 m2 at 3 mm thickness
Mixing Propositions 5.5 - 6 ltrs water for 25 kg Bag
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Ultra Screed Is a It is made up of high quality additives & superior polymer. To produce a rapid useable & fast ready to receive floor covering screed such as: Un-bonded /bonded /floating /Separation layer/Insulation - layer/Heated screed.

ADVANTAGES To produce rapid usable sand cement screeds
Separating membrane & as a bonded screed
Receive tiles, natural stone & concrete Slabs
Floor coverings & parquet for floated screed
Interior & Exterior use
longer mixing times & long conveying routes
Easier spreading and working of the screed
Longer smoothing & floating time
Applications Industrial area
Heavy duty floor area
All internal & external floor area
Packaging 25 kg
Colour GREY
Coverage 2Appro x. 5 m @ 2mm thick
Mixing Propositions 11.6 ltrs water, 125 kg Sand for 25 kg Bag